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FreeWheel Council report finds measurement still the greatest challenge for cross-platform TV and video advertising

The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video has launched its latest report, The State of Unified Video: Today and Tomorrow, calling for a new cross-platform measurement solution for the premium video industry.

The report – based on a research study with business intelligence specialists Advertiser Perceptions – questioned brand marketers, creative agencies and media agencies and looked at how the unification of linear and digital TV has affected advertising transactions.

It revealed that measurement is still seen as the number one challenge for cross-platform campaigns, and that almost three-quarters of marketers and agencies (70%) believe there will eventually be three or four key third party measurement providers in the industry. Only a handful of those questioned (17%) could see the possibility of a single metric in the future.

Almost half of respondents were concerned about tracking and reporting complexities, while the difficulty in data integration was also a concern for a third of those surveyed. Issues with both agency (28%) and marketer (27%) organisation silos were also seen as challenges to unified video transactions.

The report also revealed how brands and agencies are leveraging alternative metrics, with audience targeting and ROI/attribution seen as the most valuable, and survey recipients revealed they expect an evolution of primary metrics towards those focused on actual behaviour and outcomes.

Additional findings from the report included:

  • Demographic guarantees are favoured by almost 40% of cross-platform campaigns, with respondents citing better accountability and increased ad relevance as reasons why this remained an important currency
  • The brands and agencies questioned felt the barriers to more cross-platform video investment included constantly changing media landscapes (35%), inadequate technology (31%) and publishers’ walled gardens (25%)
  • While brand and sales lift were considered of primary importance when evaluating cross-platform campaigns in today’s market, respondents felt that these would be overtaken by audience profile and behaviour in five years time

The full report can be downloaded here:


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