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‘Facebook is the engine’….or is it?

Even when they’re at the beach, publishers obsess over Facebook. Digiday gathered C-level executives in Miami Beach, Florida, at its Moguls event to discuss the issues on their minds.

As with other events, Moguls operates under the Chatham House Rule, which means comments are on the record but not attributed. Here’s a small portion of what captured their attention in the theater, by the pool and over drinks.

Facebook monetization issues persist
“Everyone talks about their billion views. They’re bullshit views. The average CPM of Facebook mid-roll is 15 cents.”

“I don’t think there’s a future in 90-second in-feed video. Advertisers don’t want to appear alongside it, and Facebook keeps incentivising us to make longer clips. I have to tell all our clips guys not to send us stuff under 90 seconds because I can’t use it.”

“I make more money off a Facebook Live video with 200,000 views than a viral Facebook video that does 50 million views. It’s because I can direct sell an integration on the Live video.”

“I believe the web is changing so much that unless you’re doing something completely different, you will become a commodity.”

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