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Why the EU’s GDPR directive could save the journalism industry

The European directive: “General Data Protection Regulation” seems a massive constraint on all digital interaction and transaction.

In fact, it is the greatest opportunity for content publishers to recover the revenues and relationships lost in the eleven years since I wrote in Press Gazette: “There needs to be a united industry response to act as a counter to Google.”

As news publishers’ traditional revenues have plummeted and we’ve failed to convert our considerable audiences into revenue, we have enabled (not simply allowed) Google and Facebook to monopolise the digital economy and turn our data, copyright and IP rights to ashes.

GDPR effectively prohibits any party from holding, processing or sharing any data collected through cookies placed on a website, or any other harvesting, to which the individual concerned has not consented. So, Cookie sharing, without the original person’s agreement and understanding of use, will be banned.

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