What journalists need to know about iOS 11

I need to explain why I’m reviewing iOS 11 in such depth when I don’t do anything similar when a new version of Android is released. After all, Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world, running on 80-90 per cent of smartphones against the 10-20 per cent that use iOS (other operating systems barely register).

There’s the small matter that iOS is the platform of choice of most major broadcasters, including the BBC, and many journalists, even if an increasing number are using Android – or, in the case of one high-profile iOS mobile journalist, making a strong case for Android.

iOS 11 has been available to developers and anyone willing to join the beta programme since June 2017. Features have been added, removed and tweaked as the beta has gone through numerous iterations. There may be more to come too as my review is not based on the ‘gold master’ – the last beta before iOS 11 gets publicly released – as the gold master isn’t yet out.

Nevertheless, after using it for several months, enough is clear for me to write this review aimed primarily at journalists.

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