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Time Inc. is moving all its websites to a new platform called Element

Time Inc. websites will be getting a new look over the next few months, thanks to a new in-house platform called Element.

Ben Ronne, Time Inc.’s executive director, product, platforms, said that this is part of a broader effort to centralise the company’s technology — for example, he said that in the past year, Time Inc. has gone from 14 content management systems to just two.

To be clear, Element isn’t the company’s new CMS. Instead, it sits on top of the CMS, and includes basic templates for how articles, galleries and recipes should look across all the different Time Inc. properties. The end result should be pages that load more quickly and are optimized for mobile.

“This is a huge step in the right direction for Time Inc. to be even simpler and even more effective at an enormous scale,” Ronne said, later adding, “We really feel like Element is going to provide the technology that our content deserves.”

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