5 ‘must dos’ for producing captivating podcasts

I want to start off by stating that podcasting is not radio – it is a completely different medium. Podcasts are inspired by it, but they have the ability to be more than a single-airing piece, only available through radio waves.

Podcasts are the portable, immersive adventures that anyone can carry in their pockets with a cell phone and indulge in at any point in their day.

To help anyone create a fantastic podcast, here are five ‘must-dos’, in no particular order, that a podcast needs to be especially effective.

The One Where You Write for the Ear

Writing for the ear can seem simple. In fact, it is required to be simple. That’s right! Audio stories aren’t the medium for an academic style snooze-fest. That means no complicated, drawn out sentences and no piles of academic jargon.

Podcasts are like you’re speaking to someone, and people don’t speak like Shakespearean academics with a thesaurus. Your writing should flow easily and be easily understandable.

The One with That ‘So Good’ Ambient Noise

Ambient noise, or background noise, can make or break an audio story, but if it’s successfully implemented, it can make an entire piece compelling.

Ambient noise is the part of a podcast that can transport your audience into the story itself. It activates the imagination, and it makes listeners envision the story as if it was happening right in front of them. However, make sure your ambient noise matches the tone and mood of your story.

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