Press Gazette argues case for tackling Facebook/Google duopoly in Parliament… and loses

It’s official – the future is looking great for online publishing.

At least that was the view taken at a debate in the Houses of Parliament organised by the Internet Advertising Bureau and the Association of Online Publishers and hosted by The Debating Group.

I was put in the unenviable position of arguing against the motion: “The future is bright for publishers online.”

Whilst not naturally pessimistic about the future of journalism (I could not have done this job for so long if I was) – I argued that unless something changes the future might indeed be less than dazzling.

Well, gloomy that is except for Google and Facebook – the two dominant online publishers.

Last year the Duopoly took more than £6bn in advertising revenue in the UK. The combined total advertising revenue of every national and regional newspaper in the country was just over £2bn.

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