Artificial Intelligence

3 ways artificial intelligence will change publishing

Change is happening all around us, and one of the biggest drivers of change in the digital world is artificial intelligence (AI).

We can’t listen to a tech CEO keynote without stumbling on how they are using AI for a variety of products or innovations. Smart publishers are also beginning to embrace AI. They are weaving it into the core of their business — to inform and improve content, advertising and product.

The benefit of AI to readers is that it can be both interactive and anticipatory. When one thinks of anticipatory, content recommendations might come to mind.

Many publishers are already using Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to power content recommendations because it helps increase traffic and user engagement. But some publishers are taking it much further, such as Quartz’s app for iPhone.

Launched late last year, the app is innovative in the context of publishing and a nod to what is already achievable using the technology. The app, which lets readers chat with the news, was built as a new experience just for mobile. It imagined how their journalism would be if it lived natively on an iPhone.

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