Could the B2B Media Exchange be one answer to ad fraud?

Did you read Bo Sacks’ recent post on grappling with ad fraud? If you deal with programmatic advertising in any way, what do you think of Bo’s conclusion: “Maybe this whole conversation falls into an arena of total incompetence on an industrial scale. How else does an industry brag that we are down to only $6.5 billion in ad fraud?”

What a joke that the industry is happy that advertising fraud is projected to drop from $7.2 billion last year by 10%. Are you kidding me?! That’s the best we can do?

This is worse than incompetence; it is complicity based on not giving a rat’s ass about your customers, the advertisers. So whose customers are the advertisers? With ads brokered on exchanges, the relationships are murky. I doubt in most cases there is anybody to actually call on a telephone to complain to.

One potential solution for B2B publishers may come in the form of the B2B Media Exchange being launched by BPA Worldwide next month. BPA has been a respected print media audit company for 80 years. They also audit digital and other media properties. The new initiative is called “the first programmatic private marketplace for audited B2B media.” They see this as fundamental to enabling their constituents to take advantage of the programmatic marketplace. Being a private marketplace, it also protects advertisers from the rampant fraud problem.

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