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Ligatus adds DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) to its Programmatic Native Platform

The partnership launched this month marks a milestone in Ligatus’ engagement in the programmatic native market, that started over a year ago. With DoubleClick Bid Manager another key global player enriches the range of international associated DSP platforms that entered into a partnership with Ligatus during the past twelve months. At the same time, this partnership reflects the growing needs of national and international advertisers for programmatic native and strengthens Ligatus position as leading native advertising solutions provider.

DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) gives its clients access to top-tier inventory across screens and formats, and the real-time insights they need to make their buys count. With DoubleClick’s integrated and open platform advertisers can organize and segment audience data from any source. Google’s proprietary technology for bidding, targeting and optimization allows to act on these insights in real time and to create, run, and measure campaigns across mobile, desktop and video, all in one place.

Thanks to the partnership between DBM and Ligatus, now even more agencies and clients worldwide have the possibility to buy the Ligatus Native reach. The Ligatus network consists of more than 1,400 premium websites in ten countries, generating about 37 billion ad impressions each month – thus being Europe’s largest native inventory. The handpicked editorial partner sites have premium audiences with high conversion potential thus offering appropriate platforms for programmatic native campaigns.

Klaus Ludemann, CEO at Ligatus, comments: “We are very happy to welcome DoubleClick Bid Manager as associated partner for our programmatic native platform. Many of our clients have been waiting for this step. With the integration of DBM now nearly all agencies will be able to buy our native reach programmatically. This is the perfect basis to continue our success story in the programmatic native market as it further increases our international relevance in this growing industry.”


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