Grappling with ad fraud and its nuances

Here is an open question for us all. In an environment of unlimited content, there is also by default unlimited advertising. What is the revenue destiny of unlimited ads and unlimited content?  Do you know the answer?

It’s obvious that there is now more complexity going on in our industry than at any other time in media’s long history. So much that it is hard to keep up with the constant changes on any meaningful level. Among those changes ad fraud is one of the hottest of topics. What does ad fraud really mean other than the theft of something valuable?  What are the far-reaching parameters of ad fraud? What do they include?

Perhaps the obvious place to start is a recent news release from the Association of National Advertisers which proudly boasted that ad fraud will drop 10% this year from $7.2 billion to about $6.5 billion. To that I suggest that all quantifying statements on this topic are at best a guess and at worst an additional fraud.

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