Google’s AMP pages mean visitors spend more time with content

Chartbeat says visitors to web pages that load with Google AMP are spending 35 percent more time with that content on average than with standard mobile web pages. On average, visitors spend 48.2 seconds with pages found through Google search that load with AMP, compared to 35.6 seconds on average with standard mobile pages found through search.

That means pages that load with accelerated mobile pages software (that’s what AMP stands for) are more valuable to advertisers, because visitors that spend more time with content spend more time scrolling through ads.

“In sum, speed matters more to the consumer than we anticipated, and leads to deeper engagement with content,” a white paper from Chartbeat shared with Recode says. “However, it remains to be seen what the long-term benefits of high-speed platforms are for publishers — and whether the effort and investment required outweighs the results.”

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