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Five US media trends to keep an eye on

US publishers tend to set the agenda for international media markets. The combined benefits of accessibility through the English language and brand recognition on a staggering scale means that, whether they like it or not, publishers in other countries often dance to US publishers’ tunes.

But they’re just as susceptible to changes in technology and habits as anyone – more so in a lot of cases, due to widespread early adoption of technology among US citizens. So as we start preparing to grapple with the implications of those changes in the run-up to Digital Media Strategies USA, we’ve put together a quick list of US media trends that we’ll be keeping our eyes on.

The local newspaper shake-up is coming

In comparison to the UK, where the situation facing local and regional publishers looks increasingly dire, local papers in the US are faring relatively well compared to their metro counterparts – at least for now.

Local papers, which University of Virginia assistant professor Christopher Ali defines as any paper with a circulation of under 50,000 per day/week, account for 97 percent of all newspapers in the US.

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