Ad fraud goes down to……$6.5 Billion

The global monetary impact of ad fraud is expected to go down this year, the amount of mobile fraud happening in the ecosystem is much lower than feared and programmatic can be just as safe as direct-sold if buyers implement the right security measures.

The bearers of these good tidings are the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and bot detection outfit White Ops in their third annual joint study on the state of digital ad fraud, released Wednesday.

White Ops projects $6.5 billion in financial losses due to ad fraud this year, down 10% from the estimated $7.2 billion bite fraudsters took out of ad budgets in 2016. The new number is just a tad higher than the $6.3 billion loss the duo predicted as part of their first study in 2015.

While $6.5 billion is still a hefty chunk of cash, the reduction is encouraging (Ed: are you sure?), said White Ops CEO Michael Tiffany.

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