Fortune is growing in video and print

Fortune is growing in two places. One — video — you might expect. The other — print — you might not. Year-over-year the business publication, which was launched in 1929 by Henry Luce, is up 85 percent in its video viewership, and up 11 percent in print (plus digital edition readers) according to the February 2017 Magazine Media 360º Brand Audience Report. The magazine, like many, is undergoing a transformation.

New editor Clifton Leaf has hit the ground running and already has big ambitions for Fortune in 2017 and beyond. We quickly caught up with him this week to learn more about his vision for the brand, as well as hear more about upcoming projects and products Fortune has lined up.

Folio: We like to ask everyone about print, and its future. What do you see down the road for print? How bright is its future?

Leaf: If print is on its death march, it sure is taking its time. Sure, we don’t have much use for papyrus scrolls and phone books these days, but magazines still feel awfully good in wide, beautiful, richly-designed pages. And, I think, for some time Fortune will have readers who absolutely want to read the magazine in a traditional way. I also don’t think print has to go away to make the digital model thrive.

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