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How Bild uses Facebook Instant Articles to drive subscriptions

The Axel Springer publication has worked with Facebook to improve the process of signing up readers to subscriptions services through Instant Articles.

Axel Springer’s Bild is looking to use Facebook Instant Articles to drive subscriptions. The German publisher has reduced the number of steps readers have to take when signing up for a subscription through Instant Articles from nine to three.

The Axel Springer tabloid was among the first wave of publishers using Facebook Instant Articles when it launched in July 2015. Since then, it has dialed up and down the number of its stories it posts, from 20 percent of all published, to all of them, plus a brief stint of abstinence. Currently, all of Bild’s articles are formatted for IA.

“We have several requirements that are fundamental to working with third-party platforms,” said Stefan Betzold, managing director for Bild. “Partner platforms need to support our paid content initiatives and help us track new subscriptions through their platform.”

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