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Combination of unity and technology protect publishers

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) was one of the first organizations to demand that a fair and transparent fee be paid to content creators when third-party distribution channels profit from their creativity.

Today’s independent content producers –journalists, app developers, or, yes, writers and performers of music – find that their creative output too often makes more money for other people. Two platforms in particular, Google and Facebook, increasingly exert outsized influence over the distribution and monetization of content. In a digital ecosystem largely funded by advertising, they commanded upwards of 60 percent of all digital advertising dollars last year, even though they do not employ journalists, musicians, or filmmakers.

For today’s publishers and content producers, adopting quality advertising technology is key to recapturing a fair share of monetization.

Digital advertising technology can be roughly broken down into two broad categories: enterprise products and marketplace technology. There are several attributes that content producers should look for in each.

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