AppNexus signs over 260 publishers in 2016 to grow the largest independent marketplace for digital advertising

News Corp, Gannett, Mashable, 1XL and Telegraph Media among publishers that chose AppNexus’ enterprise technology and open marketplace for unbiased and cost-effective monetization.

AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, has announced commercial agreements signed with over 260 new publishers in 2016, including News Corp, Gannett, Mashable, Slate, Genius, Bauer Xcel Media, Match Group and Resignation Media. The agreements demonstrate the company’s continued momentum as the industry’s open and independent monetization partner for publishers.

“We’re proud to be the leading monetization partner for the world’s independent publishers,” said Michael Rubenstein, President, AppNexus. “In an environment where just two media companies – Facebook and Google – command over half of incremental digital advertising dollars, it’s critically important that publishers regain parity by harnessing the power of machine learning and transacting in an open and transparent advertising marketplace. That’s where AppNexus fits in.”

AppNexus’ enterprise technology suite enables ad serving, forecasting and analytics, audience extension and marketplace access and helps publishers to understand and earn what their inventory is truly worth. Its marketplace is among the most low-cost and transparent in the industry. Notably, 2016 saw header bidding develop into the leading monetization strategy for publishers, and PreBid Enterprise, AppNexus’ open source solution powered by prebid.js, emerged as a market-leader for desktop and mobile and became available for video in December.

“The world’s independent publishers choose to work with AppNexus because our enterprise technology and transparent marketplace give them an opportunity to compete on par with the major walled gardens,” Rubenstein continued. “In 2017, we intend to advance our work to help independent publishers control their own destinies.”

In furtherance of its support for independent publishers, AppNexus was the principal sponsor of the 2017 IAB Leadership Meeting held this week in Hollywood, Florida. The event is the premier gathering of independent publishers in the United States.


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