Why ad fraud thrives

There are two groups of people getting royally screwed by ad fraud. One is too stupid to understand what’s going on. The second nobody gives a toss about.

First is dumbass clients who astoundingly are still buying the bullshit they hear from their agencies about “systems they have in place” to identify and prevent ad fraud. You’d think that with all the recent headlines about ad fraud they’d start to connect the dots. But like all suckers, they always think it’s the other guy who’s getting screwed.

Second is online publishers who told us “information wants to be free” and are now reaping what they sowed. Advertisers are lining up to give their money to Google and Facebook and could not give less of a monkeys about the million other online publishers out there. In fact, take away Google and Facebook and digital advertising is actually in decline.

The stupidity of the advertisers is beyond explanation. How can they continue to ignore the overwhelming amount of evidence that is coming at them daily that shows they are being royally ripped off?

I guess they must think there is someone somewhere who’s looking after their interests. There isn’t.

Their agencies aren’t protecting them. It’s not that agencies are complicit in the fraud, it’s just that they have no incentive to do anything about it. As long as clients keep pressing them for lower and lower rates they’ll continue to use programmatic methods for buying crappier and crappier crap i.e., fraudulent traffic.

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