Google has banned 200 publishers in a crusade against fake news

Google kicked 200 publishers off one of its ad networks in the fourth quarter, partly in response to the proliferation of fake news sites.

The company banned the publishers from its AdSense network, an ad placement service that automatically serves text and display ads on participating sites based on its audience. The ban was part of an update to an existing policy that prohibits sites that mislead users with their content.

Google regularly weeds out advertisers for false or misleading claims, but impersonating news sites became an addition following the rapid rise of fake news, or propaganda sites. After the election, Google was blasted for placing a false story from a fake news site claiming Donald Trump had won the popular vote. (He had 2.8 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton.)

Not all 200 publishers were swept up as part of the effort to root out fake news sites.

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Editor’s note: Who decides what’s fake news or not? This is straight out of the Orwellian playbook and a worrying sign. After all, one person’s (so-called) fake news is another person’s true story.

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