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GENII project helps bridge the gap of global journalism

Six universities are taking part in a collaborative global news project, pairing students from different countries to challenge the way they think about reporting.

“When you look at the way digital and social media have actually transformed journalism, we have shrunk in terms of time and distance, in terms of audiences’ ability to get news from other parts of the world and journalists’ abilities to report to people around the world. But there’s one distance that hasn’t really shrunk, and that would be the distance in our heads, the way we engage with stories, the way we experience stories.”

Priya Rajasekar is a lecturer in multi-platform journalism at Coventry University in the United Kingdom, and her second year journalism students are taking part in a project called GENII, short from Global E-News Immersion Initiative, where they’re tasked with producing a story sourced from a different country with the help of a journalism student from a local university.

Students are paired up in a way that ensures two people from different universities work together, with each producing a story based in the other’s location, using social media, Skype, Google Hangout or similar technologies to connect with sources on the ground.

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