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10 most-read subscription trend reports in 2017

Subscription Insider has released its most read subscription-focused trend reports in 2017 including reports and research on retention, email marketing, payment cards and gift subscriptions. Other most-read reports that round out its list are focused on newspaper, SaaS, music streaming and non-profit market, usage and other industry trends.

1. Digital Subscription: Life Preserver or False Hope for the Newspaper Industry?
While newspaper advertising revenue continues to plummet, some in the industry are looking for a new proportion of subscription revenue to ad revenue. That’s based on recent reports that digital subscriptions — and digital revenue — are on the rise. Add in continued confidence in newspapers, especially in an unsettled age of “fake news,” and maybe, just maybe, a viable news business model is emerging.

2. Gift Subscriptions: A Growing Trend For 2017-2018
The subscription box industry is still growing, and publishers are shifting from an ad-revenue model to a new reliance on subscription. That makes this holiday season a prime time for customers to put gift subscriptions on their shopping lists.

3. Slow Churned: How To Target Retention Efforts So They Don’t Backfire
The easy way to do retention is to blast out special offers and rewards to loyal customers, lumping all the steady subscribers, the sleeping dogs, the irregular users, and other at-risk customers into the same anti-churn program. Research shows that, compared with control groups of customers who are not targeted at all, some retention programs actually inspire existing customers to cancel. Here are some of the factors and methods to consider in avoiding that failure mode.

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