Fraud in social media?

The New York Times did a major story on fraud in social media — specifically Twitter — last week. It was a very well done story. But here’s the thing… how in the world has it taken major media a decade to understand what’s been going on?

Anyway, read the piece in the Times if for no other reason than it will confirm all your worst suspicions about how corrupt and fraud ridden social media and influencer marketing are.

Ignorant marketers and their naive agencies pay tens of thousands of dollars for famous social media “influencers” with millions of “followers” to tweet about them. Except the “followers” are bots that the influencers buy for pennies from fraud houses. And the influencers are influencing nothing but the budgets of the marketers who fall for it. No you can’t make this up.

Meanwhile, following on The Times story, the state of New York is making a big fuss about prosecuting some of these social media fraudsters. I guess there’s nothing wrong with that but social media fraud is not even an icicle on the tip of the iceberg.

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