Publishers are using advertiser trust concerns to their advantage

Marketers’ newfound skepticism of programmatic media buying is starting to turn in publishers’ favor.

Whether burned by ad misplacement or fraud, wanting more control over their digital media-buying operations or fearing the General Data Protection Regulation will trip them up, advertisers are increasing the conversations they have directly with publishers about programmatic media.

The upshot: Publishers are becoming more incentivised to share their first-party data more and give better inventory access. In exchange, advertisers are more likely to enable second-party data deals with publishers directly and feel more in control of budget waste.

Business Insider and Northern & Shell are among those saying they’re having more in-depth conversations directly with advertisers around different data-sharing opportunities for programmatic deals.

“We’re talking to more client-side contacts about how to get guaranteed and transparent access to BI audiences,” said Julian Childs, managing director of Business Insider UK. “With GDPR coming into play, these deeper, more transparent relationships between publishers and brands will become more important than ever for brands to ensure compliance.”

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