6 types of collaborations between news organisations and their benefits and challenges

Collaborative journalism is now being practised on a scale that constitutes a revolution in the media, found a report published by the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University.

Based on interviews with key figures involved in these type of projects, as well as industry events and literature reviews, the paper outlines six types of editorial partnerships between newsrooms, and the benefits and challenges of each one. It also provides examples and best practices from 44 ongoing collaborations involving more than 500 newsrooms in the US and Europe.

Sarah Stonbely, research director at the Center for Cooperative Media and the report’s principal investigator, identified two main elements according to which editorial partnerships are organised: length of time, and the level of involvement shown by the participants. The latter ranges from creating content separately and distributing it, to working together on reporting and, lastly, sharing resources at an organisational level.

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