Executive perspectives: Where 8 publishers are focusing in Q4 and beyond

As another year draws to a close, key figures at major publishers share insights on how they are defining success and refining their strategies moving forward.



Entering Q4, what do you perceive to be your biggest strengths as an organization? 

As we look ahead to the coming months one of our biggest strengths is clearly the quality of The Economist newspaper and demand for high-quality, mind stretching journalism.

What about your biggest weaknesses? 

We estimate that there are 75 million globally curious people in the world who should be reading us but are not so we have some work to do to build up awareness of our brand and content.

Where do you envision your organization’s biggest opportunities in 2018? 

In the US we see the greatest opportunity to grow our brand awareness and ultimately our business. We are operating in a news climate where demand for an independent perspective is valued above all and as a British brand, we provide a global perspective and a trusted filter on world events.

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