Vogue Snapchat Discover showcases Burberry exhibition

A partnership with Burberry debuts today on the British Vogue and Vogue Paris Snapchat Discover channels.  Conceived for Burberry by British Vogue and Vogue Paris, in collaboration with Condé Nast International Commercial, the partnership consists of two different executions across UK and France.

The British Vogue Snapchat Discover channel will lead with a 5-part engagement-extending series featuring Julia Hobbs, Fashion News Editor of British Vogue reporting on Burberry’s ‘Here We Are’ exhibition, while Vogue Paris will run Burberry-produced video ads.

For British Vogue, Julia Hobbs takes a trip to Burberry’s ‘Here We Are’ exhibition at Old Sessions House, giving Vogue’s unique perspective on the space and the collection. Julia’s 5-part Vogue-eye-view of the exhibition helps bring Burberry’s new collection alive for the young, influential Snapchat Discover audience.

Jamie Jouning, Vogue Digital Director, comments “This best-in-class partnership, created for the younger, playful and spontaneous audience engaging with Vogue on Snapchat, highlights the way in which we can respond to client needs with a platform specific solution, delivering a very specific demographic.  This also highlights our capacity to scale while also offering flexibility for individual markets.”

Condé Nast International Digital has recruited a dedicated Vogue International Discover team, based out of the Condé Nast International headquarters in London, creating a significant amount of exclusive content, both snaps, video and long form journalism, in collaboration with the local markets.  Working closely with the Vogue Digital Editor in each market, this collaboration with Burberry is the first example of a partnership available to clients created specifically for this platform.

This follows the successful scaling of Vogue Snapchat Discover in France and Britain, producing contemporary, vibrant and sharable stories for the platform’s younger audience aged 13-24. Currently, both Snapchat editions publish 3 editions per week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, offering Vogue readers the best of fashion with striking and inspiring imagery.  During fashion weeks’ there is daily coverage from Vogue’s editors, photographers and reporters on the ground in all four cities.

The Burberry ‘Here We Are’ exhibition runs until the 1st October at Old Sessions House in London, also the recent venue of their September 2017 show, and continues the tradition of its revival of Brit culture and heritage, informing its ready to wear collections. Curated by Christopher Bailey, President and Chief Creative Officer of Burberry; and Lucy Kumara Moore, writer and Director of cult bookshop Claire de Rouen; and co-curated by photographer Alasdair McLellan, the exhibition showcases the work of some of the 20th century’s most notable social and documentary photographers.