5 features to look for when choosing software for photocalendars

Creating a calendar online should be a quick and easy task that is supported by the software. When looking for the perfect solution for photocalendars, look for the features that are critical for your customers in the selected market.

Developing an online editor for photocalendars is not easy, as they are a specific type of product. From the technical point of view, the editor should handle the dates, local holidays and setting many other necessary features. I will try to list all the most important issues that the perfect online editor has to cover.

  1. Starting from any month

The calendar should not only start on January every year. The first displayed month should be capable of being selected by your end customer. You should set up the starting month and year of your calendar in the back office. This feature, along with the next one, is very useful if someone wants a non-standard calendar.

  1. Adding additional months

If your end customer wants to have a calendar longer than 12 months, software should deliver a solution. You should set the maximum number of months in the back office. Adding another month will be as simple as just one click for your customers. Additional months will have themes duplicated from corresponding months from a previous year.

  1. Setting the calendar

Adding and deleting months should not require any additional work nor to have to set it manually in the back office. Everything should work automatically. The system should be smart and calculate dates, so that the administrator does not need to modify templates every year.

  1. Adding holidays

The calendar is designed to bring back all the important dates and memories, so one of the major features is allowing end customers to add their special dates. The tricky question is how to allow it and do it properly. I will reveal some of the secrets in the interview with Pawel – Developer in Printbox -> see the text below.

  1. Handling the local holidays

The more markets/countries you sell to, the more local holidays there are to handle. Take, for example, name days. This is a feast day of a saint and is celebrated in many European countries, and celebrated differently in each country.  For the administrator, it is very important to be able to easily set the holidays a few years in advance (instead of changing it every year end). Your photocalendar editor should manage it.

The end of the year is an important time for businesses – especially those looking to sell photocalendars. With Christmas and New Years fast approaching, you need to plan ahead to make the most of these opportunities. Choose your software for photo products and prepare your business for the peak holiday season.

Read what creating personalized photocalendars looks like from the back stage with an interview with Pawel – a senior developer at Printbox.