PRISA Brand Solutions improves transparency with Switch Concepts’ server-side platform

One of the world’s leading Spanish and Portuguese-language media groups, PRISA Group, is adopting a server-side programmatic platform from Switch Concepts to drive more transparent digital ad trading and reduce latency, significantly speeding up page load times and improving user experience.

“We are excited to take our programmatic infrastructure to the next level with the objective of improving user experience and increasing efficiencies”, said PRISA’s General Manager of Digital Revenues, Chechu Lasheras.

The move will provide PRISA with a unified auction operating server-side and, unlike header bidding, allows access to an unlimited number of demand partners. Meanwhile, Switch’s unique platform alleviates latency.

“We’ve been operating with Prebid.js and header bidders with some success,” explained Matthias Mondini, Director of Yield Management and Business Insights at PRISA. “The widely adopted wrapper tag technology allowed us to create a unified auction and increase yield, but we were facing growing problems with latency and data transparency, which Switch’s platform will overcome.

“A real game changer for us, however, is Switch’s unified data set – non-siloed and log level data from each auction streamed in real time. Quite frankly, this takes transparency to a whole new level.”

The Switch server-side platform will enable PRISA to maintain its commercial relationships with third parties, while the technology’s agnostic and independent nature allows ad trading to take place more openly and efficiently than ever before.

“Together with forward-thinking publishers like PRISA Brand Solutions, we’re making our vision of a frictionless, transparent and mature programmatic market a reality, providing value to all the stakeholders in every transaction,” said Switch’s Director of Business Development, Mark Duncan. “As we move into a new phase of the evolution of the programmatic ecosystem, our approach is resonating with buyers and sellers seeking to resolve the asymmetric environment they have endured for too long.”

The incorporation of the Switch server-side platform into PRISA’s ad-tech stack is another milestone in the effort of building a best in class digital, technology driven setup providing its advertisers and partners the latest technology and product solutions while continuing to focus on user experience. PRISA began experimenting with client-side header-bidding early 2016 being the first leading Spanish media group adopting this technology in addition to implementing the industry leading Data Management Platform as part of its data strategy and a continued effort in automating and optimising its digital operations across display, video and audio content.

PRISA specialises in creating and distributing digital content on culture, education, news and information, and entertainment. With a presence in 23 countries, it reaches over 60 million people through its 50 global brands such as El País, AS, Cadenaser, LOS40.