Catalan newspaper offers subscribers the option to print it at home

VilaWeb was founded as a digital-only newspaper in 1995, but it has added an evening print product for subscribers

Would you consider printing your favourite newspaper at home, every evening, if you had the chance?

Catalan title VilaWeb, which launched as an online-only publication in 1995, is now giving its subscribers the option to do just that, with a new product called VilaWeb Paper.

Announced on 28 June, VilaWeb Paper is an evening edition, which readers can print in the comfort of their own homes, or download on their mobile or tablet. Unlike traditional newspapers, VilaWeb Paper is not available on any newsstands.

Vicent Partal, VilaWeb’s founder and managing director, said the idea for the print-at-home paper originated from conversations taking place last year in Spain, and outside of the country, about fake news, the role of the internet, and the challenge for news outlets to highlight “the quality of the press, especially online press”.

“We think that one of the biggest problems now is that people get news through social networks, so they only get a piece, they don’t get the context and the whole picture of what’s happening,” Partal said.

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