Journalism is ‘going through a wildfire’

“Coming from the US, where I have recently been declared the enemy of the people by the President, it’s a weird time to be a journalist,” said Mark Joyella, journalist and contributor at Forbes, speaking at RTÉ’s Mojocon event in Ireland today (4 May), on the opening panel.

“Journalism is not dead, it is going through a life cycle change,” Joyella said, comparing the current state of the media industry and news organisations’ reactions to it to a “wildfire”.

Samantha Barry, head of social media and emerging media, CNN Worldwide, highlighted the death of the old news consumption habits, and explained there is still no shortage of newsroom executives clinging on to these dying practices and creating strategies around them.

At CNN, the strategic focus is to create “a CNN news habit for every generation, on every platform”.

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