Airbnb teams with Hearst on magazine guided by travel site’s data

When the new travel publication Airbnbmag hits select newsstands and mailboxes later this month, many of the stories, including the cover feature set in Havana, will be sourced from billions of anonymous data points collected by the home-sharing service.

This data is expected to enable editors to assign stories for an audience eager to learn about local hot spots. Since Savannah, Ga., is one of Airbnb’s top search destinations, one piece in the first issue includes barbecue recommendations from a Savannah barbecue pit master.

“We know how many people are searching to stay in Havana, Detroit or Tokyo, and we know how many people want to go based on search dates for future trips,” said Brian Chesky, chief executive of Airbnb Inc. “No one has billions of demand search data points for nearly every country in the world. That gives us a leg up.” The Airbnb data will inform editors on ways to shape future content, although not every story will be data-driven.

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