‘Desperate’ publishers must improve ads on mobile

Speaking on a panel about best practices on mobile monetisation, hosted by ad tech company PubMatic, regional director APAC at mobile advertising company Celtra, Richard Knott, said good creative on mobile tends to be “isolated examples”.

“If you don’t think you’d click on it then why would anyone else?”, Knott said, adding that the industry sees more average creative on mobile than great creative – by quite a stretch.

“Publishers have been understandably desperate to break this ineffectiveness spiral by injecting anything that can even temporarily, to drive some form of response. Even if it’s just a click from someone trying to find the close button.”

However, the mobile user experience is much more intense than desktop and if publishers don’t do it right, it’ll be bad for them in the long run. Yet while the responsibility for great creative has traditionally resided with creative agencies, in a html5 digital world it has fallen between the cracks of creative agencies, media agencies, publishers and ad networks.

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