Hearst Brings Oprah to Amazon’s Alexa

Oprah, meet Alexa.

Hearst Corp. is one of a handful of publishers that has been experimenting with producing interactive content for both Amazon’s and Google’s voice-controlled home assistants. Now the media company is turning to one of its bigger brands to ideally capture more people’s attention in the emerging at-home audio arena: Oprah Winfrey.

Last week, Hearst launched “O to Go” on Alexa, which allows users to hear Ms. Winfrey read short snippets from her book “What I Know for Sure.”  “O to Go” is a joint project between Hearst’s Oprah Magazine and the company’s Native & Emerging Technologies team. It’s one of three products — essentially the audio equivalent of apps — that the traditional media company has created for either Alexa or Google Assistant.

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