New Internationalist crowdfunds more than £700,000

The 44 year-old magazine launched a community share offer on 1 March to raise £500,000 and ended up crowdfunding £704,114

On 1 March, New Internationalist launched an ambitious crowdfunding campaign, aiming to raise £500,000 by inviting readers to “buy into a better story” and become co-owners of the organisation.

They not only managed to reach their goal before the deadline on 6 April, but stretched the target to £700,000 – as of now, 3,409 people have bought shares in the New Internationalist, amounting to £704,114.

As an independent, non-profit publishing co-operative based in Oxford, New Internationalist covers issues of human rights, politics, social and environmental justice, through its magazine in print and online, as well as by publishing books.

More than 45,000 people subscribe to the print magazine, which costs £45.85 a year for 10 issues, and the title also has a “small number” of digital subscribers. With the community share offer, New Internationalist is planning to reinvent its subscription model with different types of memberships and introduce more monetisation options.

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