Another media collaboration – Fusion and Gizmodo Media Group

To attract an audience for a new editorial series, Fusion is going to lean on Gizmodo Media Group. The millennial-focused Fusion, which has struggled to grow the audience on its owned and operated properties, will use tools and communities from GMG to cultivate readership for Rank and File, a recently launched editorial series about America and the military. Fusion hopes Rank and File will attract a different kind of reader and point the way forward for how the brands can all be linked together to support editorial projects.

“I think it’s for our audience, but also for people who haven’t discovered Fusion,” said Dodai Stewart, Fusion’s editor-in-chief and a former editor at Jezebel, one of the sites that’s part of the Univision-owned Gizmodo Media Group.

As a publisher owned by a television broadcaster, Fusion knows the power of series, and it’s spent years trying to find recurring editorial features that might attract a dependable audience. They’ve taken several forms, from silly recaps of English Premier League weekends to video series exploring young people’s financial struggles, but the goal with all of them is the same: “It’s an appointment,” Stewart said.

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