OpenX launches Ad Footprint to simplify page performance for publishers

OpenX, a global leader in creating programmatic advertising marketplaces that drive superior monetisation, has announced the launch of Ad Footprint, a free tool that empowers publishers to fully optimise their desktop and mobile pages using detailed insights on the speed and performance of each page. Built by OpenX Labs, the Chrome extension is the only tool available to publishers that offers a complete view of how the advertising on their page affects performance and user experience.

“At OpenX we recognise that a publisher’s success relies on their ability to expertly balance user experience and business objectives,” said Caleb Sotelo, staff engineer and director of OpenX Labs. “The tools publishers rely on today only provide insight into one variable of speed rather than approaching page performance as a multi-variable equation, which is why we built Ad Footprint.”

The insights and recommendations from Ad Footprint empower publishers to enhance user experience on their site, improve page speed and increase overall revenue. After completing a full scan of the page requests on a given desktop or mobile web page, Ad Footprint returns an in-depth analysis on performance that includes:

  • Comprehensive page analysis – Evaluate the page load process and view clear visualisations of what each ad tech partners is doing at what time and how long it’s taking.
  • Speed comparison – Rank the performance of a page against hundreds of other websites.
  • Actionable advice – Discover customised recommendations for optimising user experience and balancing monetisation.

“Ad tech is complex and dynamic, getting it right requires not only world class software but also a deep investment in research and development to solve for the recurring problems publishers face in our industry,” continued Sotelo. “Publishers deserve tools that are self-serve, adaptable, and transparent, and OpenX is building them.”

OpenX Ad Footprint is now available as a free download in the Chrome Web Store, at this link here.