Premium digital video is a massive opportunity for publishers

Demand still far outstrips supply when it comes to premium digital video. That’s a challenge for advertisers – but it’s a hell of an opportunity for publishers.

Video ad-spend was the only digital advertising segment to have consistently grown over the past year, according to some estimates, driven by an ever-increasing audience and the recognition that the return on investment for video advertising is relatively high.

So we thought we’d put together a list of considerations for publishers looking to capitalise on the strong video ad economy (at least until the bubble bursts, anyway).

Live is the new black
Live video has an initial advantage over the majority of digital video in that it is a recreation of the valuable scarcity that sees networks sell millions for the right to advertise during the superbowl. When live events draw large concurrent audiences, that’s the perfect opportunity for brands to reach an engaged audience and create an advertising experience that can live on past the event itself.

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