US mag newsstand sales fell by double digits last year

In what has become a familiar refrain, the steady drumbeat of declining magazine newsstand sales continued last year.

2016 brought another double-digit drop in the total number of single-copy sales. That’s according to the last figures from MagNet, which tracks newsstand sales and the performance of magazine wholesalers.

Overall magazine newsstand sales in the U.S. and Canada fell 12.3% to 373.2 million single copies in 2016, bringing in $2.1 billion of sales revenue, with the latter figure down 6.9% from the year before.

The sales numbers 2016 represent a steep decline from even just a few years ago.

In 2013, retailers sold 621.2 million magazines copies at newsstands in U.S. and Canada, bringing in total revenues of $3.1 billion; thus last year’s volume is down 40% from three years previously, while revenues are down 32%.

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