Publishers use Instant Articles bundle for daily must-reads

Publishers are using Facebook’s latest Instant Articles update, which lets publishers post multiple articles within one post, to publish regular editions of must-read content straight to the platform.

Since last week, 10 publishers — among them BuzzFeed, The Washington Post, The Sun and El País — have been testing out the new feature before a wider roll-out. “We can explore the opportunities beyond just a link,” said David Merrell, lead product manager at The Washington Post.

The Post will later experiment with timing and types of content; for now, it’s publishing a bundle of five must-read items each morning to Instant Articles. “When you wake up, the first thing you do is go on Facebook,” he added. “Rather than seeing a scattering of news articles, you’ll get the five most important articles right now.” It’s akin to receiving a daily email with the day’s top stories, but readers won’t have to leave Facebook to get it.

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