The low-down on Facebook messenger adverts

Last week, Facebook announced ads are widely available on Messenger, which, as of this summer, has 1 billion monthly users. Since April, Facebook has been quietly testing ads within the messaging platform with brands like Uber and Marriott. Companies can start showing ads to people after they have opted in to communicating with them, for instance, if someone uses a brand’s chatbot to book a hotel room.

Here’s the state of advertising using Facebook Messenger.

The data isn’t rich enough, yet
Companies clamored to build their own bots, but so far Messenger isn’t awash with ads. Facebook, for its part, is working out a system to cap the amount and frequency of ads. The platform has a robust ad policy, and keeping a good ad user experience is in its interest. It’s also measuring the speed with which bots respond to requests and, likely, many other attributes, like usability and the way a bot interacts with users, which could lead to a ranking system similar in principle to SEO tactics, according to agency executives. But even so, the ad-targeting data may not be up to scratch.

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