The Guardian starts selling time-based ad campaigns

The Guardian is running its first digital ad campaign based on the amount of time people see the ads.

Advertisers can now buy ads across the Guardian’s properties in guaranteed time slots of 10-, 15-, 20- or 30-second fragments, 100 percent in view. The Economist is the first client to buy the Guardian’s ads in this way and will be running a campaign until September.

“It’s part of our fewer, better ads strategy, and it develops our thinking that not all ad impressions are the same,” said Nick Hewat, commercial director at the Guardian. “This isn’t a one-off problem solver; it’s part of an ongoing objective to deliver more tangible results for our clients.”

Both the FT and the Economist have found, unsurprisingly, that ads perform better when people spend more engaged time with them. While it’s too soon to tell for the Guardian, Hewat is confident this method will provide added value for its clients.

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